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Hey, I'm Lacy aka GypsyBone Photography, a freelance photographer who tries to bring your concerts to life through photos.

About Me

At age 13, Lacy began her photography journey in 2009 by taking photos of her local sports teams. By 2013 to 2016, she had become a freelance sports photographer for Louisiana Tech University and other media outlets. In 2016, she took a hiatus from photography and began to transition and dive into music photography a year later. By Oct. 2017, she had become to make a name for herself in the music photography world. After years of taking concert photos, she decided to go through a rebranding during the pandemic and by 2022 gave birth to GypsyBone Photography. You can follow GypsyBone Photography across the country through social media.

"Total professional! Quality photos and very pleasant to interact with. Highly recommend!"


— Luke W.


Do you have any questions or just want to say hi?



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